A Look Inside

A Look Inside

Welcome to "A Look Inside" -  a collection of topics that we discuss behind closed doors.

As we embark on yet another new endeavour and strive to keep innovating in all that we do, we thought that we would share some of the conversations that we are having in our office, with our research & development teams, with suppliers and retailers, and amongst ourselves to give you all a first-hand honest and transparent look inside what really goes on behind the closed doors of a beauty company.

A Year in Review and a Bright Perspective

It’s almost been one full year since I received a call from my son, Louis-Alexandre, who was studying at NYU’s Florence, Italy campus, to tell me that he had just received an email from NYU announcing that the school was shutting the Florence campus due to increasing incidents of the COVID 19 infection in Italy. All students were to leave the country immediately. It was midnight on Feb 25th, 2020. Louis was on a plane the next morning. We had no idea how things would unfold…

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