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Essence Noir™ Polish

Essence Noir™


This exhilarating facial polish features triple-action physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliating properties to collectively aid in the removal of expired skin cells while also refining pores.


125 mL


What to expect

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    Activated Charcoal

    Extracted from Bamboo, this charcoal extract aids in detoxifying the skin bycapturing micro-pollutants and impurities at its surface.Skin is purified, and pores appear tight and refined.

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    Bamboo & Volcanic Sand Extracts

    A natural physical exfoliator, this powerful yet gentle extract helps to polish thesurface of the skin. Skin texture appears more refined, pores appear reduced and skin is brighter overall.

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    AHA, BHA, & PHA Complex

    Boasting a 7.5% concentration ofAHA and 0.05% BHA, this papaya and pineapple enzymecomplex penetrates the multiple layers of the skin with easeto loosen and remove dead skin cells. Additionally, it treatshyperpigmentation, naturally balances pH and refinespores, revealing smoother, softer and more radiant skin.