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Youth Revealed™ Reparative & Restorative Hand Cream

Youth Revealed™ 

Hand Cream

The ideal remedy for dry and thirsty skin, this ultra reparative and restorative hand cream offers a potent formulation of 35% active ingredients, designed to rejuvenate the look of tired and parched hands. 

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75ml / 2.5 Fl. Oz


What to expect

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    Willowherb Extract

    Known to soothe dry skin, Willowherb Extract is rich in polyphenols which provide highly antioxidant benefits protecting the skin from environmental aggressors. Additionally, this Canadian herb has anti-microbial properties helping to prevent the growth of acne causing bacteria. 

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    Camellia (Tsubaki) Oil

    This highly antioxidant Japanese oil, favored by Geishas, is rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as Vitamin A and B. It aids the skin in self-repair, soothes dryness and irritation and nourishes cells for a more hydrated and healthy appearance.

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    Plankton Extract

    High in essential fatty acids, plankton extracts provide deep moisture to the skin as well as train the skin to retain moisture and repair itself resulting in improved texture, hydration and radiance.